Are you ready for change?

At the Infinity Healing Clinic, we offer team-based sessions that create profound and lasting healing by addressing issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane. We create sacred space, allowing you to explore your healing with compassion and without judgment.

Clinic sessions are fully clothed, bodywork sessions based in energy work and Neural-Organizational Technique (a system of protocols that use Applied Kinesiology and Points on the body to align neural pathways).The Infinity Practice engages one’s consciousness and clients are encouraged to participate in their healing journey.

After a session, clients come away feeling lighter, more easeful, and attain a greater sense of connectedness. 

We are experienced energy healers trained in the Infinity Healing Practice, created by Gabrielli LaChiara and co-taught with Lori Friedman.Each of us has experienced the deep shift in our lives made possible by the Infinity Practice. Individually, through the Infinity Healing training program, we have each cultivated our own intuitive gifts to offer you. Both Gabrielli and Lori attend the Infinity Clinic and provide supervision and training in the Infinity Practice.