Kwan Yin Channeling - Ottowa, Canada


Please join us for an evening of exploration and enlightenment.


Gabrielli LaChiara, talented healer, teacher and founder of the Infinity Healing Practice offers an evening of channeling.

When: Saturday, November 18 -  7:00-9:00 p.m.

Location: Kalyana Yoga Shala 375 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, Ontario

Price: $22 Can ($17 US)

We will never turn someone away because of cost- Scholarships are available upon request.


Gabrielli began channeling the teachings of the Goddess of Compassion, Kwan Yin, over 10 years ago. Today, the messages she receives are even more valuable.


In September 2016, during a channeling in Oakland, CA this was the message from Kwan Yin:

"Awakening, awakening is rude. It is not necessarily kind or thoughtful. It can be abrupt, powerful. It can also be very subtle, simple like an undercurrent, but it can be abrupt. The United States of America it is abrupt right now. There is rude awakening. It is not kind. It is generously unkind. For it speaks truth, exposes shadows, confronts the faces of that which has been hidden and yet never hidden. It is obscene even and yet it is very simple. Awakening it’s rude, yes? Sometimes it requires this in order to wake up."


Please join us for this event. It will offer a message to the collective consciousness of our circle. Participants will also have space to ask personal questions. Kwan Yin delights us with her compassion, her joy, and her unequivocal ability to speak what's true.


This is an exciting opportunity! Please come with specific questions, an open heart, and a readiness to receive. This will be an evening to drop in to yourself and to play in the energy of higher consciousness, to receive insights and answers….and have some fun, too.


We'll begin with a brief check-in to get to know one another, followed by a focused channeling based on the specific needs of the group, with the additional opportunity to ask individual personal questions.


Space is limited!  Please register ASAP if you are interested in joining us! For more information, please call 613- 745-9642, or visit


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.